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  • teos-nw.ru
  • Server type:Normal
  • Online:
  • Server number:1
  • Redirects:190
Episode: 5.4
📐Rate of experience: x30 📐Rate of frags: x1 📐Rune of the battlefield: x2
📐DROP classic + Perfect crystals in costume jewelry
📐Suits, Pets
📐Statistic runes of recreation, Reagents, Crystals of level 7 - everything is obtained in the game
📐Unique bosses: Arcanus, Groot, Opalus
📐 When creating a Legend: Rune of resurrection (7d), Sunstone (24h), Starting improved equipment 15 lvl
📐 On site: Online Gifts, Wheel of Fortune, Personal Kill Rating, Arena Store
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